Refund Policy

Registration fees for Kids DXB Camps are non refundable.

 Kids DXB reserve the right to cancel bookings at any time, without notice if the facility is required by the school (or the school management company) or if cancellation is due to circumstances Kids DXB cannot control or mitigate (including but not limited to extreme weather conditions, emergencies, construction works close by to the facility, etc.). In these situations Kids DXB will always seek alternatives although this cannot be guaranteed. 

 If Kids DXB or you cancel your booking, you will be credited for the same amount of days’ at the venue specific to your booking. These credited dates will be valid for the holiday period you registered for and cannot be carried forwards to future camps.

 Booking Confirmation:

Upon payment, you will be sent a confirmation email confirming your booking. You will then need to take the confirmation e-mail with you to the venue.

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Children under the age of 5 are permitted to join the camps and will be able to continue providing that they do not compromise the enjoyment of the whole group. If this is the case children will be asked to join the camp at a later point and a refund will be given
  • 2. No parents are permitted to stay on site and watch sessions.
  • 3. Children should come to camps wearing sports clothing and trainers.
  • 4. Kids DXB has the following behaviour expectations for all children attending the camp:

    • Behave in a way that discriminates, bullies or intimidates others
    • Behave in a way that puts others or their self at risk
    • Use inappropriate language, or swear, in all languages
    • Act aggressively towards others and the coaches
    • Be involved in fighting, hitting, biting and all other forms of physical violence
    • Behave in a way that disrespects facilities and equipment
    • Act against the principals of fair play and positive sporting competition
    • Unwillingness to participate in sessions

    Kids DXB reserves the right to remove any child from the camp with immediate affect if he or she is physically abusive towards others. If the first offence is considered to be severe there will be no warning.

  • 5. Kids DXB is a brand that is part of Green Dunning Sports and Facilities Management LLC licensed by the DED to deliver sports related services within Dubai.

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