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“Diverse and varied development opportunities should be made available to all children empowering them with the skills they require to be happy, healthy and achieve their goals.”


“Enlist the support of sporting and educational specialists that work together to provide programs that allow children to learn and develop new skills through fun team based activities.”


“We provide holiday camps that provide a diverse range of sports combined with intellectually stimulating activities focused on the development of skills that are key to success in later life but not necessarily focused on in schools.”


Kids DXB Camps are the perfect way to keep your child active, learning and happy over the summer months. Based at Dubai College, a central location from both the Marina and Downtown, ur camps are suitable for children between the ages of 4- 14. Kids DXB offers a wide range of both physical and non-physical activities to keep your children active, stimulated and happy over the summer months.


Kids DXB’s passion is helping to develop well-rounded individuals through the provision of camps that cater for the wants and needs of children and parents. As such our camp content is a culmination of input from parents, kids as well as sporting and educational experts creating unmatched camp content. The goal of our camps is to build upon the work that your child does in the classroom and sports clubs during term time enabling them to learn new skills, find their passions and realize their potential.

To achieve this goal, the Kids DXB team is committed to delivering engaging and stimulating activities within a safe and positive environment. Our team work hard to ensure that the space that we use for our camps is a happy place to be for children, parents and staff alike. With such a wide variety of activities that will be tailored to the age  and ability of the children within the group every child is able to get maximum benefit from our camps. At all times Kids DXB place your child’s well-being, health and safety at the top of our priority list and their will always be a nurse on hand if required.

Let us paint the picture of why our camps are the perfect way for your child to have fun, make new friends and learn new skills over the hotter summer months.

Activities are age appropriate with a balance of sport as well as intellectual activates. The aim of our intellectual activities is to help children to develop skills that are less focused on in school, which will give them the edge as they mature into adults.


Personal Development


BasketballFootballProblem Solving
GolfTennisCreative Thinking
CugbyCricketEntrepreneurial Challenges
DodgeballTeam GamesTeamwork Scenarios

Take a look at how a typical day at our holiday camps look!

Here you can also use the information that is titled structure and break times on the current activities and structure page

We run camps in the following holidays throughout every academic year

  • October Half Term (1 weeks)
  • Winter Break (3 weeks)
  • February Half Term (2 weeks)
  • Spring Break (2 weeks)
  • Summer Break (8 weeks)

For exact dates for this academic year please contact us!

If you have a booking for more than 4 children or would like to attend for more than four weeks.

Payment and bookings can be made online via our booking portal:


Our rack rates for full and half day for weekly and daily bookings are as follows (here insert a smaller version of the existing pricing part)

We also do discounts for multiple bookings as per the following table:

Full Day With Transport
1 kid2 kids3 kids
1 week120022503000
2 weeks225039005400
3 weeks300054007500
4 weeks3400672010080
Full Day
1 kid2 kids3 kids
1 week100018002500
2 weeks180032004500
3 weeks250045006300
4 weeks280056008400
Half Day With Transport
1 kid2 kids3 kids
1 week100018752500
2 weeks180032504500
3 weeks250045006250
4 weeks280056008400
Half Day
1 kid2 kids3 kids
1 week80015002000
2 weeks150026003600
3 weeks200036005000
4 weeks220045006700

Kids DXB can provide a pick up and drop off service on full day bookings to locations within Dubai.

Dubai College

The main base of Kids DXB summer camps is Dubai College, one of the top international schools in the region. We have access to their multi-purpose sports hall and nearby classroom facilities.

Activ Nation

We also have a great venue at Aktiv Nation, near Mall of the Emirates, which boasts a huge indoor multi-sports facility which is ideal for all of the sports and other activities we have on offer.

The combination of fantastic locations, a varied and broad camp curriculum and experienced coaches gives our camps the edge. We provide an environment conducive to both fun and learning over the summer break.

By mixing sports and personal development activities during the school holiday your children will be able to stay active, having fun playing sports and at the same time develop important skills to grow into well rounded young adults.

Refund Policy

Registration fees for Kids DXB Camps are non refundable.

 Kids DXB reserve the right to cancel bookings at any time, without notice if the facility is required by the school (or the school management company) or if cancellation is due to circumstances Kids DXB cannot control or mitigate (including but not limited to extreme weather conditions, emergencies, construction works close by to the facility, etc.). In these situations Kids DXB will always seek alternatives although this cannot be guaranteed. 

 If Kids DXB or you cancel your booking, you will be credited for the same amount of days’ at the venue specific to your booking. These credited dates will be valid for the holiday period you registered for and cannot be carried forwards to future camps.

 Booking Confirmation:

Upon payment, you will be sent a confirmation email confirming your booking. You will then need to take the confirmation e-mail with you to the venue.

Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Children under the age of 5 are permitted to join the camps and will be able to continue providing that they do not compromise the enjoyment of the whole group. If this is the case children will be asked to join the camp at a later point and a refund will be given
  • 2. No parents are permitted to stay on site and watch sessions.
  • 3. Children should come to camps wearing sports clothing and trainers.
  • 4. Kids DXB has the following behaviour expectations for all children attending the camp:
    • Behave in a way that discriminates, bullies or intimidates others
    • Behave in a way that puts others or their self at risk
    • Use inappropriate language, or swear, in all languages
    • Act aggressively towards others and the coaches
    • Be involved in fighting, hitting, biting and all other forms of physical violence
    • Behave in a way that disrespects facilities and equipment
    • Act against the principals of fair play and positive sporting competition
    • Unwillingness to participate in sessions

    Kids DXB reserves the right to remove any child from the camp with immediate affect if he or she is physically abusive towards others. If the first offence is considered to be severe there will be no warning.

  • 5. Kids DXB is a brand that is part of Green Dunning Sports and Facilities Management LLC licensed by the DED to deliver sports related services within Dubai.

What our Happy Parents Say

  • He attended this week and was delighted!
  • The boys had loads of fun and were hyped up afterwards. Thomas thought it was his best party ever!
    Nicky Dawson

KidsDXB is a subsidiary of Green Dunning Sports and Facilities Management